Friday, April 24, 2009

The Human Experience

Check out this website and Trailer!


We saw a prescreening last night. It is powerful. Life is funny. It's so mysterious. We take it for granted so many times.

This film is about some men who traveled to see and experience with people -- the homeless, the leper colony, the children's home for disabled children in Peru, some people in Africa dying of AIDS. The faith that they found among these people is astounding. We left there with a strange feeling of peace, remembering HOW MUCH God loves us! HOW MUCH God is in control of our lives -- how He's always trying to lead us closer to Himself, always trying to show us how much He loves us! There's really no words for the truth behind all this!

God bless you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Divine Mercy Sunday!!!

Today was an AWESOME day! I hope all of you celebrated the Divine Mercy today. There are so many graces to be gained this day! God bless you all!
Here is a link explaining the Divine Mercy Celebration. Google it to find out more!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Holy Week, The Holy Triduum, and the Easter Season!

Dear Friends,

(the picture on the last post was from a retreat that we helped with recently - forgot to post that)

This has been a GREAT week! There is nothing like Holy Week and Easter. Time to reflect, clean, cook, reflect again... It blows a person's mind to think of how God can love us so much. The only way to fathom it is to think about a parent and a child. We love our children so much, but God loves us a million (infinitely really) times more!

Receive His Love. Bask in His Love. Receive the Power of the Resurrection in your life! Live this reality that you are a part of the Body of Christ, part of the Risen Lord! We must strive to live this. Even when we suffer, there is still a joy that comes from Christ!

God bless you all!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

High School Retreat -- Getting Ready for Holy Week

God is head over heals in love with you! Receive His Love!

Holy Week is such a special week. May we enter into this week, asking God to united us to His suffering, death, and resurrection!