Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Consecrated Life -- What is That?

We love talking with Youth Groups! The other day, we were able to visit with a local youth group about the Consecrated Life. We used this picture of a chalice to explain what it means to be "consecrated".  Just as the chalice is set aside for a holy and specific purpose, so are we who are called and choose to live the our consecration through Religious Life and the vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience.

Just as the chalice is set aside for the ultimate LOVE of God -- to give Himself to us in His Precious Body and Blood, present to us even on this Earth . . . even to us sinners . . . even to the point of us being able to receive Him!  Just as the chalice is set aside for LOVE, so is the Consecrated Life -- we are set aside, so to speak, for LOVE.  He is the One we are connected to (instead of a human husband) for Love, and not just for ourselves, but to be shared and spread throughout the Kingdom of God!
Isn't God awesome?!

Sister visiting Dallas metroplex for various events.

Divine Mercy Bookstore (Denton) is owned by one of our Sisters' relatives.
Great place to shop in the metroplex!

We're still working on beautifying the front of our house with new trees and plants.
All possible with a grant from the Scanlan Foundation.

More new trees!  Having new plants (and replacing the old dead ones) gives the place a new feel!

God bless you all!  Remember, we are all consecrated through our Baptism.  Each Christian is a very special child of God!  Live your consecration today by setting yourself aside for Christ in the way He is calling you to live.  Amen!