Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Planting Seeds in a Desert?

Easter Vigil Night 2012
Our Lady of the Angels Chapel
It's hard to see, but imagine lilies everywhere, candles everywhere, and love everywhere . . .
He is Risen!  Alleluia! 
Happy and Blessed Easter to all!!!
(Easter Season lasts for 50 days until Pentecost -- We're still celebrating!)

You may wonder why there is a patch of dirt with a little bit of grass growing, and why it's on this blog.  We used to have some old tennis courts in our back yard -- full of weeds and such.  Guess they were put there for the Children's Home and parish at one time. . . a long time ago.

Anyway, with the help of local farmers (relatives and friends), we had the asphalt removed.  Now we are attempting to plant grass.  If you've ever planted grass, you know what a trial that can be. 

So the other day, the grass-watering Sister was getting very discouraged.  "Oh Lord, please let the grass grow.  Is it going to grow at all?  Is the ground fertile enough?  Did it get enough water?  Did we get the seed down correctly?"

And right then, she spotted some new baby grass!!!  How thrilling it was to see the little baby grasses coming up here and there!!!  You have to have the eyes to see it -- at first glance, there was nothing.  But taking a closer look, there were baby grasses coming up all over the place!

This is how life can be sometimes.  We can get discouraged in our prayer lives, or our ministry, or our work, but there is always hope!  Even in a desert, there is hope!  Because God is the gardener.  It is He Who plants, and He Who waters.  We must trust it even if we can't see the fruit yet.

This is an example of planting seeds. Last Saturday, Sr. Mary Ana and Sr. Mary Michael gave a retreat to students and parents preparing for their First Confession, First Communion, and Confirmation.  It was a beautiful experience spending the day with the people who are hungry for God and want to know Him better.  We fertilize it with prayer and love.  And then the fruit is up to Him!

We've been doing all kinds of house - finishing.  We finally almost finished this "Archive Cabinet" started about two years ago.  It's an attempt at giving a tribute to the people and Sisters that worked so hard to give needy children a home and love.  Rose Gordon (in gold frame on the left) donated all of the land and the building for the Children's Home.  Sr. Valentina and many other Sisters gave their lives for years to the children here.  May they rest in peace.  Amen.

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