Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Walking (and Dancing) in the Fog

Rosary Garden covered in snow!  Thank God for Sister Water who waters our fields!

Have you ever felt like life was like walking in the fog?  It's amazing how every person feels like this sometimes.  It's important for us as Christians to not be afraid of the fog of life.  We are walking with Jesus. He can see everything of where we are walking!  He is leading us (if we ask Him to), and He is taking us safely through the fog.  He will not let us walk over a cliff or onto something that will harm our souls as long as we Trust His Lead.

You know what?  He wants to do more than lead us through the fog -- He wants us to DANCE with Him in the FOG!  He wants us to Trust Him SO much that we're willing to even dance with Him in the middle of the uncertain ground!  He wants us to delight in Him at this time and to receive Him delighting in us!

Let us dance in the fog with Jesus!  He will not forsake us.

Today is Our Lady of Lourdes. May the Immaculate Conception pray for us who have recourse to thee.  Amen.