Saturday, May 18, 2013

May is the Month of Mary -- our Beautiful Spiritual Mother!

May is Mary's Month -- On Mother's Day, we process into the chapel holding candles for our
earthly Mothers, asking Mary to pray for them.  We also crown Mary as our Queen.

Picture taken at the Bishop's Gala 2013.
We had a delightful time - a couple invited us to sit at the table they bought.

Mother's Day Meal with everyone home!

We're in the process of creating a "Passion Garden" in our back yard!  Memorials available soon!!!

Amen.  Learn to dance in the rain!

Thanks to the Mary E Bivins Foundation in Amarillo, we're able to finish our Sunporch with a new floor and new blinds (not pictured here).  They were installed yesterday though.  They already made a huge difference in the room.

Fr. Francisco is a man of many talents. We invited some priest friends to eat with us, and he entertained us with his basket making out of newspaper.