Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TOB and Holy Week

TOB 4/by Teens came to Nazareth to evangelize the teens there!
Of course, Sr. M.M. was in the middle of it --
two of her favorite things (Naz and TOB)!
They did an awesome job!
Sr. Mary Jude always enjoys a good party.
On St. Patrick's Day, she was at St. Ann's
Nursing Home (next door) partying with the residents.
Beautiful flowers are a great reminder of God's beauty
and God's love for us! What an awesome little gift
He gives us every day to remind us.
Spring Break 2012 -- Picnic and Zoo!
It's hard to explain to someone who doesn't live here how much we enjoy when
all the Sisters are home. Even if we do simple little things like this on our Spring Break,
it doesn't really matter, we just like to be together. God is good!
Holy Week is right around the corner. Let us not waste this special time of the year -- an opportunity of extraordinary grace to be truly sorry for our sins, to be grateful to God for dying for our sins and for loving us THAT much! Let us in turn forgive everyone around us, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Are we willing to die for those we love? Are we ready to lay down our lives every day in service to those around us? God is calling us to do just that. Lord, help us to be your self-giving love in this world. Amen! (That is TOB!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HHS Mandate & Other Important Things

Dear Friends,
We live in exciting times . . . .
First, the pictures above are from some of our latest activities -- the top picture is part of a family of nine that visited us as part of their vacation. One of the little ones helped us weed the rose garden -- we had a great day. In light of the recent HHS Mandate discussions, it was so refreshing to be with a family that believes in life!
Click here to read the letter written by the CMSWR in support of our bishops on this matter:
Secondly, the other pictures are from a trip to St. Louis for a CMSWR workshop. It is always a great experience to be with Sisters from all over the country who share many, many things. (The picture of Sr. Mary Ana in front of the old courthouse -- yes, she's pretending to run like the statue behind her.)
It's Spring Break for us! We're having a blast with everyone home (in between the work and prayer and rest).
As for Lent, may we all make time to reflect on what needs conversion in our lives, have the courage to ask God to help us make progress in that area, and then have the desire and drive to actually change. Lord, give us the grace to say Yes to you in new and beautiful ways! Give us true humility to be able to see ourselves as you see us. We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.