Friday, September 14, 2012

Eucharistic Procession in the Sheraton Hotel. Yes!

Eucharistic Procession in the Sheraton Hotel???
It's true. This year at the Catholic Media Convention in Dallas, we had Mass in the Sheraton, and then
Jesus was transferred to a smaller chapel for Adoration.  What a sight!  God is amazing.

Sr. Mary Michael hanging out with Greg and Julie Alexander
from the Alexander House
at the Catholic Media Conference.

We're very excited about this year's Benefit Gala!
Hope you can come!
There is so much going on. As we write this blog, we are sad about the news around the world of all the terrorists attacks, violence, and the like.  We are praying hard for the world and all involved with these things as well as our own national election coming up.  God is always in control -- Jesus, We Trust in You!

Besides the Benefit Gala coming up November 17 (Mark your calendar!!!), we are also preparing for our "Receive Love - Be Love" Come and See Retreat coming up in October.   Please help pray for this retreat, the retreaters, and that God will fill them with an amazing awareness of God's Love!

Please help us pray as well for all the people who ask us for prayers.  May God bless you all!  God is good!