Thursday, December 19, 2013

Harvest of Blessings Gala 2013, Advent, and the Passion Garden!

Passion Garden path is on the way!

A Future Gazebo?
Boy Scouts helping with their fellow Eagle Scout Project.

Gala 2013 --Getting ready with last minute details!
We had pictures of our Mother Foundress and from our apostolates and some special Sisters.

The famous "Just-a-Bite" Dessert Table!

The Passion Garden is well underway (see pics above).  We're getting excited!

The Harvest of Blessings was a great success thanks to so many friends and volunteers!  All of these pictures were taken before the guests arrived.  We had an ice storm, and there were still almost 400 people there!  It was awesome.  (Our photographer didn't come because of the ice . . . )

God bless you all! We're praying for you during this time of Advent and Christmas with a Novena of Masses.  Pray for us too!