Saturday, April 24, 2010

Youth Rally, Fr. Tony Ricard, and a Great Story.

Last week was the Amarillo Diocese's Annual Youth Rally! If you have never heard of Fr. Tony Ricard, he is an amazing priest. He's from New Orleans and is quite an entertainer. He's full of stories and full of joy! May he inspire many to get closer to God and to follow their call to whatever great life God is calling them to!
We heard a story the other day -- A lady with 3 children went to McDonald's. She noticed a homeless person sitting there eating a hamburger that she had gotten from someone's donation of a coupon. She prayed fervently, thanking God for the meal. The lady felt like she was supposed to buy her a box of cookies. "I will not buy her cookies," she thought, knowing that a homeless person needs more substantial food and not desserts. The thought would not go away. So she finally sent one of her children up to buy the cookies and to give it to the homeless lady. She told the child to say, "Happy Valentine's Day" since it was about 2 weeks after that holiday. The little girl took the cookies to her and said, "Happy Valentine's Day!" The lady responded, "Oh, it's too late for Valentine's Day," she continued as she looked up, "but I knew He wouldn't forget. Today's my birthday!"
Now that's faith. What a beautiful story about someone who really has a relationship with God!
God bless you all!

Friday, April 16, 2010

An Old Friend and School Open House

Dear Friends, the top picture is of an old friend of ours, Sr. Mary Colette!
The other 2 pictures are from the St. Joseph's School Open House last night -- we are very excited to be there again! It's like going home in many ways. So many of the same parents were there last night that we knew years ago from the last time we were there on "mission".
We're on our way to a Youth Rally this weekend for the Diocese of Amarillo! Let's pray for each other!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bishop's Visit!

Bishop Zurek came to visit our Community last night for Evening Prayer and vespers. We had a great time!
May the Risen Christ be your strength and your joy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Octave!!!

Easter Octave!

We know, we're late posting, but the last one was such great news, we held off on this one.

We're celebrating the Octave of Easter! We're almost finished renovating the Novitiate / Guest House area . . . getting ready to choose art for the renovated chapel (memorials are available for that) . . . The "school" sisters are gearing up for the end of another school year . . . all kinds of things going on . . . getting ready for Divine Mercy Sunday!

God bless you all!