Saturday, September 27, 2014

Marian Shrine and Harvest of Blessings Gala!

Foundation and middle structure of Marian Shrine in our Passion Garden

When the workman is finished, there will be moss rocks all the way around. It's beautiful!
We got the idea of using rocks for this shrine after one of our Sisters gave a great meditation about how the
Community is built of living stones. We are different sizes and shapes. Some are round and some are sharp. 
Together we build the "house".  Just like St. Francis, "Rebuild My Church" with living stones. 

Mary, Pray for us!


We're now in full swing preparing for our annual gala!

This year at the gala, we are celebrating 60 years in the Diocese of Amarillo.
One of the choices of the Grand Prize this year (at the gala) is for a shopping spree at Rockwood Furniture Store in Amarillo.  Most people are excited about the cool living room or office furniture (very high quality), but we loved this 3-in-1 Rocking horse, baby high chair, and desk. It flips over to 3 different things.  Anyway, we're having fun preparing for this special event with our friends again this year.
There is nothing too unusual happening -- we are back in school, working on lots of different projects and so forth.  God is so good!  Keep the faith and know that God loves you way more than you could ever imagine!!!