Sunday, October 5, 2008

St. Faustina's Feast today!

Today is St. Faustina's Feast Day! She is very important to most of us in our Community. Her Diary has made a huge impact on us. We not only have a devotion to the Divine Mercy, we also love the lessons that can be learned from her Diary. It's full of wisdom!


sma said...

Just to concur - St. Faustina has taught us a lot about religious life through her diary, but it's really the Christian message about offering our sufferings in union with Christ on the cross. What a joy to know our daily crosses aren't wasted...and that Jesus uses our freely offered inconveniences, annoyances and hurts to save souls and help others. Being a Catholic is so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Heard both of you on the radio. You sounded great! SMM,met you just before you entered, but you probably don't remember. Anyway, glad you entered and glad you've perservered for 15 years. SMA, you have a very lyrical sounding voice. Do you sing? If not, you should try it. At least, that's how your voice comes across on the radio. Am very interested in religious life. May write to you, but for now am more drawn to Carmelite spirituality or possibly the rule of St. Augustine. Praying about it for now, because God is in charge - pray that a sinner like me will have the humility to listen to and follow God's will. Need to really learn to listen during Adoration.

Sr. Mary Michael, OSF said...

Dear Anonymous,

Since I don't know who you are, it's hard to tell if I remember you or not! :>

If you're discerning Relgious Life, remember that God calls who He wills, and then calls them to holiness through that vocation. He doesn't look to see who is holy before He calls a person to Religious Life! If that were the case, none of us would be here!

God bless you!

Sr. Mary Michael, OSF said...

Dear Anonymous,

By the way, Sr. Mary Ana does sing. She made a tape before going to the convent!

God bless!