Friday, May 1, 2009

"Everything Comes From Love"

Some of us were at the Catherine of Siena Parish in the Dallas area. This statue of her is outside. The message is the crux of our lives:

"Everything comes from love.
All is ordained for the salvation of man.
God does nothing without this good in mind."

If you read the lives of the saints, this is the common thread that you find in all of their lives -- Total Trust in God, no matter how bad it looks, no matter how it looks like the opposite of good. Total Trust in God, that nothing happens to us that does not first go through God's Hands, because He will use everything for a better good (if we let Him).
Jesus, I Trust in You!

Right now we have many petitions to pray for -- loved ones with diseases, the swine flu, the political happenings in the world, war, etc. People are hurting in one way or another all around us. This is nothing new, actually. And it is nothing new that GOD is in CONTROL!
Jesus, I Trust in You!

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