Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blessed Advent to You!

Blessed Advent to you! This is a beautiful season to contemplate "waiting" . . . waiting on the Lord! Notice in the top picture -- on the bottom is an empty crib. We're waiting on the Lord, longing for eternal union with Him!
From "Daybreaks, Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas" by Fr. Ron Rolheiser:
"St. John of the Cross, in The Living Flame of Love, compares our pre-Advent selves to green logs that have been thrown into a fire, the fire of love. Green logs, as we know, do not immediately burst into flame. Rather, being young and full of moisture, they sizzle for a long time before they reach kindling temperature and take into themselves the fire that is around them. So, too, the rhythm of love: only the really mature can burst into flame within community. The rest of us are still too green, too selfish, too damp."

"What helps change this is precisely the tension in our lives. In carrying properly our unfulfilled desires, we sizzle and slowly let go of the dampness of selfishness. In carrying tension we come to kindling temperature and are made ready for love."
Again, blessed Advent to you all!

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