Saturday, January 23, 2010

March For Life

Some of our Sisters are at the diocesan Walk for Life this morning. They will walk from a Peace and Justice Mass at one church to Texas Panhandle Family Planning, the offspring organization of Planned Parenthood, to pray the rosary and then to another church for lunch and a talk by the diocesan director of Respect Life Ministries. All of this will mark the sad anniversary of 37 years since Roe vs. Wade.

As I see my Sisters who remain at home going about their daily duties, I see one walking for life in the kitchen, one walking for life at her desk, one walking for life with her mop and bucket, one walking for life as she does the errands in town, one walking for life as she takes phone calls.

And I am sadly aware that some of the Sisters who are supposed to be here are not walking for life at all, because they were aborted.

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