Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy and Blessed Feast of the Pentecost!

We must prepare ourselves for the receiving of the Holy Spirit! Jesus prayed deeply before each big decision or event in His life, so we must learn from Him! (taken from Bishop Zurek's homily preparing for Pentecost Sunday)
We've been busy -- top picture is Fr. Ron praying the Mass with us.... nothing is as beneficial to our souls but to be with and to receive our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
Second picture is from a recent youth rally in Amarillo. Teens are awesome!
Third picture is from our little faith formation class here in Panhandle that is graduating. Small but powerful witnesses to the Lord in this world!
Bottom picture is from our recent visit from Greg and Julie Alexander. They work hard to let God use them as instruments to enrich marriages and save marriages, all with the Gospel and the Theology of the Body.
God bless you all! Receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit!!!


Anonymous said...


Is your old friend Sister Mary Colette visiting from a Carmelite monastery? If so, which one? The habit reminds me of LaFayette.

Teresa Q.

Sr. Mary Michael, OSF said...

Yes, she is in a Carmel in California. Can't remember right now which one.

God bless you!