Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advent Waiting

Advent is a time of waiting -- yes, it's still Advent!
What have we been doing? It's a special art to be busy (December Christmas plays, Advent gatherings, and a Come and See Day for High School friends, decorating, shopping, and cleaning.....to name a few) and to be prayerful at the same time.
Busy and prayerful! In this very busy time of the year, don't forget to keep your priorities straight -- God is really the One that has to be most important in our lives. He is the Gift we're really looking for!
United in prayer -- we thank God for all of our friends, family, and benefactors! Even those of you out there that we do not know in person. God knows who you are -- thank you for your prayers. We pray for you as well!
3 more days until Christmas Eve!!!

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