Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Self-Emptying Love of Christ, cont.

Sorry this picture isn't very clear. Just try to imagine Jesus after He has given us everything. He has totally poured Himself out for love of us! His body is still nailed, but now lifeless after He has commended His Spirit to His Father. His side is pierced and the little that was left in Him has poured out from His Sacred Heart. This statue brought me to tears the other day. I (Sr. M.M.) was imagining what my husband would have been like if I would have gotten married instead of becoming a Sister. I was hoping that my husband would have poured himself out for love of me (Yes, I've been reading Theology of the Body books). Then I looked at this crucifix, and realized that my Husband has poured Himself out for love of me! He has totally given of Himself so that you and I can live! What an awesome realization.

John 15:13: "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

This is the key to happiness! We were made by God for this! To "lay down our lives" (according to our vocation) for those we love. There is always a "resurrection" for those who lay down their lives in this way. This is why Christians are happy. They have found the secret.

Yesterday I (Sr. M.M.) was listening to a talk in the car called "Holiness in the Sexual Relationship". I was listening to it to see if it could be used for married couples or to give to my friends who are married. The speaker was Annie Vining from TOBET. (see link)

One point on this CD hit me hard: We are to live as if the other person is more important than I am. The speaker stressed the difficulty in this and the grace (and years) needed to strive for this way of perfection. To me, it was showing me more what it means to live the "self-emptying love of Christ". The speaker was referring to marriage and to intimate love. I transferred it to me and how I can live better as a Sister and friend.

May you have a grace-filled Holy Week and an Awesome Easter! God bless you all!

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