Saturday, July 16, 2011

Golden Jubilee, Renovation, and Annual Retreat!!!

Wow, what a great 3 weeks (since our last post)!!!

Top Picture (and most exciting): Sr. Mary Celine celebrated her 50th Jubilee in Vows! If you would think about the hundreds (thousands?) of people that she has touched with her love, the multitudes she has touched with her prayers, and the awesome beautiful fruits of her love with God -- Wow. We humans cannot really imagine the awesomeness of this, but we can try! Congratulations to Sr. Mary Celine for her 50 years of faithful Love to Her Spouse!

No Picture (yet): Congratulations to our new candidate, Crystal Sewell, who entered our Community on the Feast of St. Bonaventure, July 15th! Our prayers are with you as you enter this journey of love!!! Pray also please for the others who are applying to enter next summer! May they all be FILLED with the Fruits and Fire of the Holy Spirit and of the Love of the Holy Trinity and the Motherly Love of Mary!!!

Middle Picture above: Hallway Renovations -- we have been sheetrocking, painting, and decorating our Main Hallway for the last several weeks and months. To get all that done before Sr. Celine's Jubilee was . . . a challenge. Thanks to all who pitched in to make our hallway beautiful! This renovation was made possible by a recent Scanlan Foundation Grant.

Bottom Picture: We had our Annual Community Retreat with a very good friend priest friend and mentor -- May God continue to stir in us and in him the beautiful and awesome goodness of God for ourselves and those we serve. May God be praised!

Not Pictured: Imagine two cute little kids (relatives of one of the Sisters, so of course they're CUTE) on the sunporch with Sr. Mary Louise -- the little girl is about 2 and the little boy is about 3 (and they have 5 older brothers and sisters), mopping and sweeping the floor. This family came for our 4th of July picnic -- we love the children and the children love us! It's a great fit. Did you imagine it? Okay, make them 10 times cuter -- children are so precious!

SAVE the DATE: Saturday, November 19th -- our FUNRaiser is coming up! Put it on your calendar!

Guess that's all the news for now! We remain united in prayer, your sisters in Christ!

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