Monday, October 10, 2011

We Had a Great Community Day!

Last weekend we celebrated the Feast of St. Francis as a Community! It's always so much fun for us to be together again (the Sisters in the schools come home about every 2 weeks). So that in itself is awesome.

On Saturday (sorry there's no pics), we used a gift card that someone had given us for the movies. We went to see Courageous. That was awesome. We also ate lunch at Furr's together. After that, several of us drove over to Pampa for their parish fundraiser. That was fun seeing old friends over there . . . and getting to dance to the Cotton-eyed-Joe (even though some Sisters need to learn that dance better).

It was a great day!

So many people are sick right now. Faith is more than hoping that someone will get better. Faith is trusting that whether the person gets better or not, God is trustworthy and good, and everything will be okay . . . one way or another. We have to trust that God has a plan and that good can come out of everything . . . everything.

Lord, there are so many people that are sick. Please bless them! Give them and their loved ones extraordinary strength and courage to go through the suffering that they are going through. Help them to stay faithful to You through it all and to get closer to You, oh God of Love. Help them to trust You and to remember that we are only pilgrims in this world. We are all on the journey to spend the next life with You in an amazing union and ecstasy! Help us to remember that and to begin to experience that awesome union with You now. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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