Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Harvest of Blessings" Gala & FUN Raiser 2011

The candles wrapped up on the tables were supposed to be a gift to everyone that attended. Please, if you want a candle, please come by for one soon if you're in the vicinity.

Another awesome "dessert table" by one of our local friends. She always makes it so special!

Original Drawing by Joshua Sorenson (donated to our auctions)! Awesome job!

Cotton-eyed Joe -- We like to try it. Some Sisters are still trying to learn it . . . .

We had our FUN Raiser last Saturday night. It was awesome!

We are SO grateful for the Harvest of Blessings bestowed upon us by God and so many people. How could we ever thank you all enough for your friendship, your prayers, your generosity, and your goodness to us! We love serving you and serving with you. We love being your sisters in so many ways. Continue to pray for us as we pray for all of you!

And, don't forget to thank God for all the blessings in your life! Wow. How much God LOVES us! Do we ever thank Him enough??? Thank you, God! Please continue to bless us! We especially ask you to bless us with a deeper love for You and a deeper longing to be united with You and Your people. Amen.

[btw, If anyone has good pictures from our fun raiser, please forward them to Sr. Mary Michael! Thank you!]

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