Monday, June 2, 2014

Learning Virtue in the Midst of Daily Life

Lots of things are happening as usual -- landscaping, building the Passion Garden (outdoor Stations of the Cross), hosting visitors, etc.  On a more important note, one of the Sisters has been involved in the School of Faith Mentorship Program,which has proven to be an amazing experience.  This week was on virtue, and she says that's it's been transforming for her.  If you are looking for a place to grow so that you would be a better instrument for building the Kingdom of God, consider joining this program. The next class is applying now that will begin next Spring.  It is highly recommended!

Here are some pics from other things happening in our lives:

The school year is coming to an end -- here is a picture of students using their iPads for learning in one of our schools.
May the students in our schools grow in their relationship with God and neighbor!

Passion Garden Entrance waiting for a trellis!  (and a few other things)

Will be the place for The Resurrection when it is finished!!!

Station Three

We finally received some much needed rain -- the yellow grass should be greening up soon!

Sr. Mary Magdalene pretending to be working on the Passion Garden . . .

Our beautiful statue of Mary in the front of our convent was repainted for the first time in many years.

Sister learning how to garden and enjoy the outdoors.

One of our Sisters was able to go to the NCEA National Convention this year.
Friends from the Dallas area to visit. God is so good!  Beautiful family.

Mary overseeing our home with a beautiful sunset on the horizon.

May God be glorified through our lives!  God bless you all!

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