Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Eucharist Without the Priesthood

Dear Friends,

You can almost smell the cool, crisp days of fall just ahead...or maybe it's because I am simply looking forward to September right around the corner! For me, new life has always been personified by autumn. It could be the teacher in me that looks to the beginning of a new school year right about now, and that always signifies a fresh start. A fresh start is a blank page with no mistakes, to paraphrase Anne of Avonlea.

In turn, that reminds me of my personal resolutions and those of all the School Sisters as we celebrate this Year of the Priest. St. Augustine, whose feastday is August 28, said "O wonderful the dignity of priests; in whose hands the Son of God is made flesh as in the womb of the Virgin." Our precious priests need our prayers and support. They are constantly under the assault of the enemy. We owe them so much in return for the gift of their lives to the Church; let's remember to pray for them, to listen to them, to defend them against criticism.

Another reminder to share - don't miss Pope Benedict's third encyclical, Charity in Truth (Caritas in Veritate). This wonderful writing draws on the Holy Father's first two encyclicals and their themes of love and hope to examine the social issues of the day. It includes reflection on the writings of Pope John Paul II and Pope Paul VI concerning social teaching. As always, the dignity of the human person is first and foremost the primary focus of all three pontiffs. We continue to battle the culture of death to promote a culture of life and genuine peace.

And may peace be with each of you as we look to the end of summer and the start of a new season!

Sister Mary Ana