Sunday, August 9, 2009

Red River 2009

We just finished our Community vacation in Red River, NM! It was AWESOME!!! We prayed for all of you there.
Also, please pray for our beloved Msgr. Kevin Hand who died today. Even though he did not feel well, he would always say Mass for us when we needed one. He was very good to us. May He rest in peace!


Sister said...

God rest his soul! I worked for Msg. Kevin Hand many years ago when he was in Groom. Though he will be missed, isn't it wonderful that God called him home during the year for priests?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about Msg. Kevin Hand death. He was so spiritual and kind everythime I approached him in Confession. He was a wonderful example of giving himself wholeheartedly. I was blessed to know him and I'll pray for his eternal rest.
In union of prayers,
Sister Mary Agnes