Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Genius of Womanhood

We are about to give a retreat on one of the most interesting topics: The Genius of Woman.

John Paul II called it this.

Wow. Contemplating the different aspects of each woman . . . way too much to mention here. I will mention one. Receptivity.

The woman receives love from her spouse. This is an imagery used in how the Church is the Bride and Jesus is the Bridegroom. God the Father gives us love and grace, we simply receive it. It's not a passive receiving, it's an active receiving. So, stamped in our very bodies, we have a symbol of how God works in our lives. All of us are to be "brides" of Christ (even men). We can all actively receive God's grace and love.

Pray for our retreat on Saturday! Thank you and God bless you all with his infinite and awesome love!

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Anonymous said...

Lord Jesus,
May hearts and eyes be opened to those attending the Genius of Women retreat. Please inspire many to attend and grant them safe travel. I ask this through your Mother's Immaculate Heart. Amen