Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love is a Choice

Dear Friends,

Love is definitely a choice.

So many people today seem to be struggling in their lives, either in their marriage or loving other people in their lives. We must remember that Love is a Choice! Yes, there are some fuzzy warm feelings sometimes with love, but this cannot be the end-all and be-all of our relationship. After the new wears off, we choose to love those around us. Love is unconditional. It is self-sacrificial. It is willing to be crucified (Jesus gave us the example). It's amazing how God's grace kicks in and helps us to love.

Help us pray for marriages! A good example of this is Greg and Julie Alexander. They couldn't stand each other at one point. They say that they were only in it for themselves. When the new wore off, they were ready to hit the road. Then they began learning about the scriptures and what it says about marriage. Greg says that he began being the head of the family and leading the family in prayer. They eventually turned their whole lives around . . . and now you'd think they were newlyweds. They love each other so much!

Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing. Whatever you may be struggling with in your life -- hand it over to God. Ask for His Grace. Watch the miracle. That doesn't mean that pain will not be involved. We can embrace the cross and anticipate the resurrection!

Greg and Julie are now marriage coaches:

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