Friday, July 9, 2010

Lots Going On!

LOTS going on! The top picture is from the 5 inches of rain that we've had in the last day and a half. We're getting our roof repaired and it is unfortunately helping us find our leaks.... One repair at a time! :> From what I hear, our 5 inches is mild compared to other places in Texas that are flooding!

The beautiful chapel picture is from our Motherhouse in Vienna, Austria. We have 3 Sisters there now as delegates to the General Chapter to be held next week! Pray with us for this intention -- May the Holy Spirit inspire us in amazing ways!!!
The picture of our Sisters with Our Lady of Guadalupe is from the Holy Trinity Seminary where the recent Dallas/Fort Worth Vocation Awareness Program (VAP) was held. It was awesome as always.
The bottom picture is from a recent short meeting with some young ladies -- we shot the breeze and then reflected briefly on the book called, Fire Within, by Fr. Thomas Dubay about prayer. The chapter called, "Conditions for Growth" is a favorite. St. Teresa of Avila says that if one wants to have a deep prayer life (a life of love with the Holy Trinity), she/he must live a generous life, with humility, and striving to live the virtues. Live a life of love! She said that this is the secret to a deep prayer (love) life with God, not the "method" of prayer.
God bless you all! United in prayer and love,
The School Sisters of St. Francis!

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