Friday, July 30, 2010

"Oh How He Loves Us!"

That song is stuck in my head. The following is from a talk we heard in Houston at their Life Awareness Weekend:

Pope John Paul II's "Interior disposition of Eucharistic Spirituality" (we should have these points in our lives as people that love Jesus in the Eucharist -- only possible with God's grace through Communion with Him!)

  • Thanksgiving and gratitude (live a life of gratitude . . . to God and to others; and see God in EVERY situation)
  • Self-Offering (live a life of being a "self-gift" . . . be a gift to others!)
  • Charity (live a life a true charity)
  • Contemplation (long to contemplate and to be in communion with God . . . silence and love with the Lord)

God bless you all! Lots going on as usual..... Every day we pray for all of our benefactors, friends, relatives, and people we work with in our apostolates.

"I can change the world by allowing God to change me!"

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