Saturday, January 15, 2011

"God Likes You!

We're here in Denver, CO at the FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Conference. Here's a couple of quotes that struck us:

"God not only loves me, He likes me!" (from John Leyendecker's talk about his conversion) This is true for all of us! He LIKES us!

"God called you into being with His word...." (from Jonathan Reyes' talk)

Wow. That's how we know God likes us! He chose to create us and made us exactly how He wanted us to be! Wow.

Jonathan continued, "God does not treat us like a child. A child is told what to do and is expected to obey. God treats us like adults. Because of our dignity, He gives us the freedom and ability to 'think' with Him!"

Awesome! So many people that we know that are "discerning" Religious Life or the priesthood are waiting for God to drop a scroll from the sky to tell them what to do. God does not work this way with us. He did not create us to be robots who wait for every command and then obey.

Jonathan also said (these are not direct quotes), "Commit yourself to know the mind of the Master. Commit yourself to know how He thinks -- and think with Him when making your decisions. Study the Scriptures, receive the Sacraments, pray!"

More to come....

Pray for those attending this conference -- may the Holy Spirit overwhelm them with His Love!

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