Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Video -- "Love is Our Home"

Someday we hope to have a professional video made. Until then, you'll have to enjoy our homemade ones!

The first time we put this song to the pictures, there were tears in our eyes. Especially when the Sisters in Argentina or in the Motherhouse came up to the words, "...even though we're far apart, our hearts can beat as one..." This song is perfect to help communicate what we're doing . . . what we're living. It's close anyway. One has to experience it in person to know it in a deeper way.

Another part that is so awesome is the parts of the song that say, "...where love is, we come together there..." Wow! The CHAPEL! Adoration! That's where love is, and that's where we can come together -- in our house, but also with everyone in our Community and all of our friends, benefactors, relatives, and those we serve! It's so awesome! God is so good!

God bless you all! Hope you enjoy this video!

(for those of you reading this on Facebook, sorry it's a repeat video posting -- this is a feed from our blog)

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Sunshine Flows said...

Tears came to my eyes too! So beautiful...words can't start to describe :D