Monday, February 28, 2011

God more than "created" us!

Excerpt from the book, "The Human Person according to John Paul II" by J. Brian Bransfield:

When reflecting on the book of Genesis and how man was created by God in His own Image, John Paul II points out that the Hebrew word used here for "create" is bara. Apparently, this word was only used when referring to God and reserved to God alone. It is a "divine action" different from our ability to make a chair or something similar. God's bara is divine.

God not only created us, but continues to hold us in existence: "God, as part of his creative power, continues to hold creatures in existence." (p. 59)

God's work reveals Him, just as a painting or work of art reveals part of who the artist is. John Paul II said, "God drew man from the mystery of his own Being." (p. 60, quoting from a General audience talk Dec. 6, 1978)

"God is present in analogous fashion in creation." (p. 60)

Wow. God has created us in His Own Image! He not only created us, He continues to hold us into existence. He is intimately tied to us in this magnificent relationship.

Lord, help us to be more like you every day, so that we can show others the Beauty that you truly are!

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