Monday, February 7, 2011

Vita Consecrata

A Spectacle -- even though our diocese is in the "Bible Belt" with a low percentage of Catholics, we have a pretty high percentage of Religious Sisters! And most of us are Franciscan!

So, on Saturday, Bishop Patrick Zurek met with all the Sisters of the Diocese to celebrate "Vita Consecrata". We had Mass and a meal together. Bishop Yanta used to do the same thing. We love spending time with the other Communities -- in a way, they are a part of our family.

Sorry, we forgot our camera, so we don't have a picture . . . just imagine a bunch of Sisters, in different color habits and some without one, all together for prayer and fellowship. It's a great feeling.

This is a special day (Vita Consecrata on Feb. 2) to celebrate and reflect on the Consecrated Life. God is alive and well, calling many to love Him in a very special and exclusive way. We pray that all called to the priesthood or Religious Life will hear Him, respond with an overwhelming YES!, and be filled with the joy and peace and love that He has for His Brides.

Pray for us as we pray for all of you!

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