Monday, June 6, 2011

Renewal of Vows - A Time of Grace

The summer is one of our favorite things as a Community -- everyone is home, time to be renewed from the school year, time to catch up on some things, our annual Community Retreat together, and time to just be together. Prayer time is a constant -- that's always important.

Today, Sr. Mary Grace renewed her vows this morning for one year! It was a very beautiful ceremony. Pray for Sr. Mary Grace as she continues on this journey in Religious Life! "Jesus, I want to be your Beloved Spouse for all eternity!"

Sr. Mary Celine is preparing for the celebration of her Golden Jubilee in July. Congratualations to both of you!

Our FUN Raiser has been set for November 19th -- Save the Date!

God bless you all! We're united in prayer for all of you and your intentions!

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