Monday, May 23, 2011

Mary's Month -- A Beautiful Time of Grace

Mary's Month (May) is a beautiful time and opportunity for grace! St. Catherine Laboure recorded in her diary in 1843,

"Imitate Mary.
Place everything in her Immaculate Heart, in this sanctuary in which our Lord deigned to live. The three virtues of our holy state: humility, simplicity and charity . . . are the basis of our vocation. . . ."

This is beautiful -- as women representing the Church, we want to let Mary love people through us! People need a "mother's" love, and sometimes spiritual mother's can give some of that love . . . .

St. Catherine refers to the month of Mary for herself and her Community as a great source of grace! This is for us too! In these last days of May, let us entrust everything to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our awesome spiritual mother.

Mary, pray for us! Lead us always closer and closer to the Holy Trinity of unbelievable Love!!! Help us to trust Him and to abandon ourselves to Him every day! Amen.

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