Sunday, May 1, 2011

We Were Blown Away

Yea! Youth Rally time again for the Diocese of Amarillo (last weekend)!

We didn't get to go to all of it, but we were able to hear one speaker . . . he "blew us away". His name is Sal Solo. He grew up in England, went to Catholic School, and thought that church was boring and that a life of sin would be the place to find fun and fulfillment. His ultimate dream was to become a rock star.

We thought he meant like Elvis Presley or something. No, he proceeded to show us an MTV video of himself. Ooh. It wasn't pretty.

He said, "I had everything. I was driven around in limosines, stayed in the best hotels in the world, women that I had never met wanted to marry me . . . but I wasn't happy."

"One day in my hotel, I cried out to God, 'God, if you're there, I want to know you.'"

Wow. The power of a sincere prayer! (I've heard several conversion stories like this where people cry out to Him and He somehow reveals Himself! He is SO awesome!)

One thing that amazed us was his creative video integration during his talk.

Another thing that was insightful (is that a word?) was how he today is raising money for the poor. On a YouTube video that we found of him, he said that when he was traveling the world as a rock star, God was touching his heart by showing him the poor. He wasn't prepared to see people living on the street and hungry. Now he does a lot of social work for the poor of the world. Check him out on his website. Very interesting person! He's using his musical and technology talents now for God. No one is beyond God's reach and grace!

Last Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday!!! We always celebrate that awesome day!

So much going on with end of school banquets, awards ceremonies, preparing final exams, etc. Also, so much to pray for in the world -- let us stay united in the Mercy of God and His Infinite Love for us!

God bless you all!

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