Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trees, Termites, and College Students

Some people imagine that Sisters have . . . pretty much nothing to do all day. Well, they probably pray a lot, and then they watch the flowers grow . . . .

Yes, there are days (like Sundays) when we can sit and enjoy the beautiful flowers, but most days are pretty full. This week has been one of those weeks.

The webmaster/technology person is trying to get a newsletter out, but other things keep taking her time. One of those things, and we'll refrain from putting a picture here, is termite damage! It's amazing how quiet they can be as they're destroying your property. . . .

The other thing is the tree trunk above -- old trees that need replaced in our special prayer garden. (Pray for the kind men that removed them for us! Thank you Mark and Vernon!!! You're awesome!)

The top picture is probably the most fun part of the week -- being with College Students and talking about Mary, how to understand her as our spiritual Mother that really can intercede for us in powerful ways, just as she did for the wedding at Cana (notice that it was not a big healing that she asked for -- God really cares about small details of our lives!!!). We always have a great time with college students!!!!

Finally, today is a very special day as we travel to Dalhart to celebrate the end of their construction and renovations! See article here in the Amarillo Globe News.

Here's the article link from the West Texas Catholic Newspaper!

Keep praying for us as we pray for all of you! You are a beautiful child of God -- never forget it.

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