Sunday, September 4, 2011

What a Surprise!

What a surprise! Some of us went to Nazareth (Texas) last night to see Addison Road and support their first "Faith Festival". It was a lot of fun meeting Jenny Simmons (pictured above in the black and white stripes), the lead singer for Addison Road. We were able to visit with her for a long time -- she told us a lot about her life and what it's like on the road, being a mother and wife, and loving what she does . . . .

Then she had a lot of questions for us, like what's the hardest part about being a Sister, and how did you decide to become a Sister?

She told us about what it was like to be on the road with Matt Maher, and so many things. We have found a new friend in the world.

We decided to leave after one song of her concert because it was so late, but while we were in the parking lot we heard from her, "Are the Sisters still here?!" She was about to sing a song for us because one of the girls in our group talked about how her song helped change her life. It's the song called, "What do I Know of Holy?" (We went back to listen to it, of course!)

It's amazing how God is using so many people to reach people's hearts. What a surprise that we found a new friend in a famous Contemporary Christian Pop Artist. God works in mysterious ways!

Also, this weekend is exciting for us because all the Sisters are home for Labor Day weekend. We just love it when everyone is home. God is good!

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