Monday, March 18, 2013

More Interior Renovating for Lent

Our faithful friends helping plant new trees in our Rosary Garden! 

Rosary Garden overhaul on the move - pray that our trees turn out okay! 
As it can be seen here, we still have to put our rosary stones back down.
Spring Break!  All Sisters hands on deck for cleaning and trimming!

After our plumbing mess in the front of the house, we were able to acquire a grant
to help with repairs.  If you need concrete work in the Amarillo area, call Ruben
at Ruben's Concrete!  He is very good to us and does a GREAT job!

Sr. Celine posing with Mary at the Immaculee Retreat in Amarillo.
Monica is here below -- she came for this retreat from the Dallas area.

Some of the Sisters at the Retreat.
See Immaculee below speaking about forgiveness.
She knows what she's talking about -- she forgave the people
that murdered her family during the 1994 Rwandan Holocaust.

Sarah Hart was the speaker / singer last night at the Amarillo
Pro-Life Banquet. She did an outstanding job!
What a beautiful person inside and out.

This probably does not look like anything to put on a blog, but it's
another job of "Rebuild My House" project.  The bricks around our house are so loose
in places, it looked like they were about to fall off the house. Major repairs all over the place!

Of course we're THRILLED about the election of Pope Francis!  May God grant him much peace, courage, and joy on this road of being our Holy Father.  May he do all with extraordinary love!  And may Mary help protect him and guide us all closer to her Son, Jesus!!!

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