Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Trips, Joys, and Broken Things for Lent

What is this?!  It's representing the old broken light, ceiling damage (from snow), plumbing break-down, water-being-turned-off days, heater going out in one wing, among other maintenance projects happening all at the same time.  Let's spiritualize this -- During Lent, it's time to do a renovation on our souls.  May the Lord remove some of our blinders on ourselves so that we can see how He's inviting us to change for the better!

The IRL (Institute on Religious Life) has created a display of Religious Communities in our country. Here is our poster in the display!  We saw it at the Here I Am Lord Conference (HIAL) in St. Charles, IL.  : >
Ariel and Sr. Mary Michael (below) helped with a First Communion Retreat while attending the HIAL Conference.

One of the groups at the HIAL.

On Feb. 25th, the Texas Panhandle was hit with the biggest and strongest blizzard in a long time.  It's the worst of this Sisters' memory who has lived here over 40 years.  The 50-60 mile / hour winds and 19 inches in Amarillo (a record) was a sight to see.

Busy Students' Retreat at Texas A&M -- another awesome week with the Aggies!

Home-school Valentine's party at a bowling alley in the Austin area.  Good family fun!

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