Saturday, March 26, 2011

Amarillo's New Cathedral! Awesome Ceremony

Dear Friends,

Yesterday we went to the official transfer of our diocesan Cathedral from St. Laurence to St. Mary's. It was a beautiful and moving liturgy. The middle picture is Bishop Patrick Zurek sitting on his new cathedral Chair. The bottom picture is us posing with Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller from San Antonio. He gave the homily at the vespers the night before -- he is a fireball preacher!

Cardinal DiNardo gave the homily at the Cathedral Installation Mass. It was equally awesome. He reminded us that now our diocese is under Mary's patronage. It is now our challenge to live more like her in the virtues of God.

We are kind of on a high from this. Yes, transferring a cathedral may not sound like a big spiritual experience, but it was! The Holy Spirit was definitely present and touching hearts!

God bless you all! Pray for us as we pray for you every day!

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