Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Vocation" Talks and Pro-Life Banquet

Dear Friends,

The top picture is from a recent "Vocation" Talk in a local parish. Most teens think we're going to talk to them about God calling us to be Sisters and priests. We do mention that, but it's so much bigger than that! It's about what God is really calling each individual person to.

Maybe God is calling them to a holy marriage. Maybe God is calling them to be a good mother or a good father that puts God first in their lives and spends time with their families, examples of holiness and self-giving love!

We have trouble giving a talk without throwing some Theology of the Body in somewhere. This day we talked about how God created us to "give and receive" (in imitation of the Holy Trinity). God made us to give love and receive love. It's when we decide that we know better and try to "take" something (love, happiness, fulfillment) that we get into trouble. Adam and Eve paved the way for us on this one.

So, if God is calling you to a special vocation, whatever that may be, trust that God will take care of you! He will fill you with love, happiness, and you will be fulfilled. Be patient. Receive it and share it to all those around you!

(The bottom picture above is from the Diocesan Pro-Life Banquet held last Sunday. It was awesome too.)

God bless you all!

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