Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stand on the Rock(s) of Your Faith!

"The Rock" at Texas Tech -- Sr. Mary Michael talked with the College Students about standing on the "rocks" of our faith when the winds blow and try to topple us over. Some of those rocks that she has experienced first hand are found in the Unconditional Love of God for us and the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist (see the bottom picture above).
These pictures are mostly from our trip to Lubbock, but the middle one with the wigs is from the TOB talk with the Middle School recently. It was too funny to pass up.
God really does give us extraordinary gifts! If she had more time to talk, she would've talked about the "Rock" of Scripture that helps us to keep our sanity and peace in this world. No matter what ups and downs come our way, we need to be solidly clinging and standing on the Truth of the True Roman Catholic Church, the Truth that God is Trustworthy and is totally connected to us in intimacy and Love, and intimate prayer with God is one of those ways to have a strong-hold on this more balanced life!
No matter how busy you are, you need prayer every day! Don't miss out on this awesome Truth!
Also, April 1-3 will be our next "Receive Love -- Be Love" Retreat for those wanting to know more and to briefly experience Religious Life in a real way! Pass the word!
God bless you all!

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