Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 Things

First of all, you can now download our radio program with Barbara McGuigan:


Secondly, we are about to Renovate our chapel. It should begin around October 13. If you would like to have your name in our chapel, please consider giving a donation toward the new pews, the windows, or toward the overall cost!

We are SO excited! Pray for us as we take on this new endeavor. . . .


Randy said...

Greetings from Omaha.

Listening to the broadcast, it would seem Sr. Mary Michael has an anniversary of sorts today. Was it 15 years today you entered the community? If so, congrats and happy anniversary.

Also, congratulations to Sr. Mary Jude for renewal of vows. What a blessing to all for you two and all others in the community.

Please tell Sarah HELLO!!


Sr. Mary Michael, OSF said...

Yes, Oct. 1 was my 15th Anniversary! Thank you!

In one way it seems like a LONG time ago. In another way it seems like yesterday.

God bless you!