Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's All for Love!

It's All for LOVE!
by Sr. Mary Michael Huseman, OSF

Side Note: This is an article from our newsletter some time ago. We thought it'd be appropriate with Sr. M. Irina's picture after taking Final Vows (she's the 2nd one in the procession).

God bless you Sister! May God be glorified through your life!

To be called by God to the Religious Life or the priesthood is an awesome call of love!
Ah, love! Our hearts are always longing for it. Young people (and others) are searching for the one that will love them the rest of their lives. I certainly did.
Some people mistakenly think that people only go to join the Religious Life or the priesthood because they could not find a husband or wife. After all, why would anyone subject themselves to a life without love? What a mistake! What a major misunderstanding!
Love is precisely the reason for one to follow God's call! If a person has a vocation to the consecrated life, then God is calling that person to an intimate love relationship with Him.
This is not some inexperienced person writing who does not know what she is talking about. I felt that call. After some time of denial (hey, I'm human), I finally gave in to God's irresistible LOVE! Every day gets better. Every day I begin to understand and to experience this love more and more.
As Pope John Paul II said, Religious Life, in the continuation of Baptism, "displays within the Church this wonderful spousal union which God wants to establish within us and which is the sign of the age to come." (cf. John Paul II Speaks to Religious, Vol. 6, 1989-1990, No. 367).
Be not afraid. Whatever it is that God is calling you to, no matter what state of life that is, be not afraid! God gives us the grace to do His Will and to do it with peace, love, and joy! We have to take a step of faith in the right direction, and watch God's grace take over! It's awesome. He will not let us down!

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