Monday, September 15, 2008

What's Happening with Us?

We have so many things going right now, where do we start?

I know, many of you think that Sisters have nothing to do all day but pray. We wish that were true! We have a nice schedule that we get to pray with (the Divine Office, Mass, rosary, Adoration, meditation, etc.); however, the rest of the day is full! Here are some things we're spending our time on right now:
  • Chapel Renovation -- We Want Your Name in our Chapel!
    We are about to begin a huge renovation of our chapel. Click Here to read more! We would love for you to be a part of it. We're accepting donations to buy pews, fix windows, help pay for the nitty gritty part (like a new ceiling), or even to help pay for our new beautiful murals!
  • Radio -- We're going to be on the Radio!
    We are so excited to be on the EWTN "The Good Fight" radio show with Barbara McGuigan (1-3 p.m. Central Time). It might be this Saturday. We're waiting to hear for sure. We'll talk about St. Maria Faustina and her influence in our Religious Lives. We'll also talk about the TOB and how that works with Religious Life. Awesome stuff!
  • Theology of the Body
    We are teaching more and more about this topic every day. We'll be on the local St. Valentine's Radio soon to talk about Katrina Zeno's "Turning the Titanic: Chastity Formation from Toddlers to Teens". She does such a great job explaining how to begin teaching chastity at a young age.

    We will also begin teaching a "Introduction to the Theology of the Body" in our Diocese. We're hoping to get parents from the local Catholic Schools (and anyone else interested) to come! Since their children are learning it in school, they might as well help teach it at home..... :>
  • School Sisters FUN-Raiser!
    December 13 at St. Thomas Church in Amarillo. Details will follow as we work them out....... Mark your calendar! (we will be selling tickets that can be bought out-of-state)
  • Shall I continue? (and these are the things between the other things, like teaching in Catholic Schools, teaching Religion Classes in parishes, doing the normal work around the house, etc.)

    Prayers -- this is an amazing time as people continue to beg us for prayers . . . for loved ones that have died, loved ones that are ill, marriage problems, etc. Help us to pray for all of these wonderful people!
  • Newsletters
    If you do not receive our snail-mail newsletter or our E-newsletter, sign up on our webpage!
  • UD
    We will be at the University of Dallas at their Campus Ministry program next week talking about the Theology of the Body and Religious Life. Pray for us!
  • Comments on the Blog -- is it broken? Just checking....

God bless you all! We pray for you daily! Pray for us as we strive every day to do God's Holy Will! May you all be filled with joy and peace and love!


Allen Hebert said...

Its working!

Keep up the good work, sounds like the Lord continues to bless your ministry abundantly.

God Bless,

The Heberts

Ray and Kim said...

Great blog Sisters! I especially love all the pics. I look forward to future visits to your site. You are in my daily prayers. Love you all!